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Still Kicking and BETTER THAN EVER!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 3, 2014, 8:40 PM


I don't know why, but I haven't written a journal entry in almost a year. I guess it's just a bad habit on my part...

A lot has happened in the said 'almost a year', namely me buying stuff, getting a new job and so on. So if anyone's interested at all - read on!


Yes, finally...after so many years of working with graphics on a computer that is superseded by today's smartphones...
The new system of mine is a high-end Alienware 18 - a true beast in portable computing! Cost me a pretty penny too but I am totally satisfied with the performance and the features!
Here's what it looks like for those too lazy to google (click it to make it larger):

Specs for those geek types:

Graphics Card: 2x Nvidia GTX 780M in SLI, 4GB GDDR5 each
CPU: Intel Core i7 4700QM 2.4GHz
RAM: 24GB DD3 at 1600MH
Storage: 750GB 7200RPM HDD + 64GB SSD Cache
Screen: 18.4" WLED, 1920x1080
Sound Card: 5.1 surround

So that's a pretty beastly beast. Churns through games at ease and all my Adobe, Autodesk and other software run butterly smooth. Wooo! (Running on Windows 8.1 if anyone cares)
The light effects are just ace! 


For very long have I wanted a proper microphone to record all my blabbermouthness... Well, now I have one. Again, not on the cheapy side: Samson G-Track! (portrayed below)

If you're a sound guy you'll more likely than not check out the specs yourself and more likely than not understand them (unlike me). All I know is I needed a USB input, a large diafragm and something to look cool on the table... :lol: 


I was really excited about this's a new phone! :lol:
I know, everyone has a nice one these days, but I long-needed an upgrade, so I got me a Samsung Galaxy S4 (white)

I can already tell you, after spending half a year with this baby I just can't look at any other phones...BECAUSE I SEE THE SCREEN PIXELS! Yes, that's how nit-picky I am. I am now really bothered by visible screen pixels on other phones because I just got so used to the S4's insane pixel density. Not to mention the other cool feats it has... I'll likely be upgrading to a Note3 soon though, but not yet decided.
P.S.: For the memory, as of now it's packing a 64GB SanDisk Micro SDXC Extreme card.


Fellow photographers here know that we always need more light. Especially if that light is powerful AND portable! So for my hobbyist needs I got me a Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT.

It already managed to survive a few falls but I've had no problems whatsoever with it - it always registers as an optical slave for me (didn't buy the RT Trigger yet) and the light is nice and consistent as well as bright if I need it to be. The build is really sturdy (posh plastic) and it's sealed for that use if shitty conditions. No complaints to CANON, as usual...


That's another great one - I've got me a new job as a 3D modeler!
Finally doing what I love, what I've been training to do for the last fuck-knows-how-many years... The job itself is really chill, I come in, eat when I want, listen to music while I work, etc. My boss is a really cool person who enjoys my work and is a great guy just to hand out with. Can't overstate how happy I am that I got the job!
Obviously I still have a LOT to learn when it comes to 3D, but finally reaching a stage where I can be properly employed to do it is just great.
I'm also learning a few other things, like web development, design, etc - all of which have already proved useful!


Why yes! I've recently been on holiday back home (that is Lithuania) for a tat over two weeks. It's been a lovely time, got together with my old friends,  spent some time with my family, ate some amazing food, snapped a few pics with my sister and bought some cool war memorabilia (I may post a pic or two later). A great time. The only regret is not beeing able to do any of my own stuff (work-wise) while being there as I didn't take my computer with me (the phone provided all the entertainment and pc-replacement I needed for the while).

I've also just a few hours ago finished a logo for my girlfriend's business:

Hope you like the way it turned out. I'm not so much a logo designer (3D modeler, duuh), but I guess I can dish out a thing or two when I need to. 
A fun fact - I started the snowflake as a 3D model because it was faster for me to model it and make it all symmetrical and then auto-trace the render than draw it from scratch in Illustrator!
Whatever gets the job done, right? :lol:


I congratulate you if you've actually read this entry so far (looking juct at the pictures only is cheating!). It takes me a crap-load of time to write these things, so I thank you for reading!

2013 has been a great year with a lot of great stuff and I can only hope that 2014 will be great too! I wish you guys all the best with your crusades into the world of art in 2014! :)

If you like my stuff, please visit my facebook page by clicking the image below (Sometimes I don't post too often, but you can ALWAYS reach me there if you have questions of suggestions!):

As Always - HAVE A NICE DAY!

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whyme107 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
YES! Congratulations on getting your (dream?) job! I'm glad you posted what tech you got so now I can talk about something I know a lot about. >=D
I hope you know how powerful that Alienware Laptop you got is, yet it's limitations. I remember when I first got my Alienware M17xR3 a couple years ago, I was hoping I could be able to play it unplugged and use it every where, but your going to run into the sad truth that batteries these days can't draw enough power to fully max out the amazing performance of the laptop. I only had 1 GFX card and was able to max out anything released at the time and play with a really nice FPS, your SLI machine will most likely will stretch that out for 5 years or more! The laptop is great but the main problems it has is Heat (Might just be the technology they had available when mine came out), It's actually a desktop that folds down (Way too heavy!) and performance goes down about 38% when unplugged (Noooo!). I hope you have some fun with it rather than just work, maybe you should try one of my favorite puzzle games under the name Antichamber which has a calming nature (despite being hard) and is littered with life lessons that may change your outlook on things.

Now for the phone. Normally I would say modify everything, but now that I think about it, you may not need to. You can unlock the phone and install a custom recovery menu (Use Team Win Recovery Project, not Clock Work mod, it's less likely to brick your phone) and then you can install a custom OS like Ubuntu mobile (If available for your device) or Cyanogen Mod. Why? To speed up your performance of your phone and truly unlock the potential of the device, that's why. You can use things like a DSP Manage to improve audio quality throughout your device, or even hardware level hacks to the camera to improve quality, the possibilities are endless! I would look over here for all your normal app, modding and hacking needs! Though be aware, installing custom recovery and getting superuser access may void your warranty. At least the site as safer stuff you can do. 

That's all I can think off to say, though looking back, that's a big block of text, so I will leave this here: 

Short Version: 
Congratulations on getting your (dream?) job! Blah blah blah tech stuff, blah blah blah, great fold-down desktop, blah blah blah Ubuntu Mobile, blah blah blah Antichamber.  

Also, I just notice there is an add media button on deviant art, so now I can do all that cool stuff I was missing out on like posting community emotes and stuff
xQUATROx Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hah, thanks for the block of text :)
(Don't worry, I like reading big blocks of text!)

For the PC part - I know the limitations of batteries and the matter of fact is that to me it actually IS a desktop. I'm a student after all and without having my own house or a flat it's hard to fit into smaller rented spaces, so I save space like this. Haven't had problems with heat on this one yet, it's got some crazy cooling installed (fans run at 100% when on heavy load and if I stop the load the fans reduce their speed after a few seconds, which is much better than my old laptop), I can game for a day on end with no hick-ups. As for the size - I have taken it to work in its briefcase once, but you're on the money with that one - it's really heavy.
I know that by getting a lappy instead of a tower I'm reducing the overall performance by a margin (might as well have gotten a GTX Titan for a desktop tower or something) but the fact of the matter is that laptops drain much less power, they are small, still portable (I can still carry this one somewhere if I need to) and they only require 1 power chord (no external monitor needed). What I liked about this one too is that it's got an HDMI in, so I can use the lappy to play my girlfriend's X360 (useful!). And, you know, things like wifi and bluetooth that I use often are there with no extra dongles as well, which is a plus :)

Antichamber - finished it ages ago, dude! It was a great mind-fuck :lol:

As far as my phone goes - I got it rooted (superuser, Xposed framework, etc) but I did it mainly to remove the bloat and add a few feats I needed. I'm not going to install CyanogenMod even though I've been recommended it a few times as I simply don't need it (my stock Jelly Bean runs just fine for what I do with the phone). Same goes for ubuntu. What I WOULD do if I had a chance would be install Windows Phone 8. I'm a windows user since the days of the old!
Wavechanger Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That sounds awesome! Good luck with your new job, and have fun with your new gear! ^^
xQUATROx Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much! I hope 2014 brings us all new and exciting stuff :)
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